The 7 Greatest Sins of Legal Video Marketing

legal video marketing mistakes


Like most things in life, there’s a right way to produce video, and then there’s a wrong way. The fact is, many law firms who create video content haven’t seen a solid return on investment. Does that mean that video isn’t effective? According to research, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The problem, then, is creating ineffective videos.

How can you ensure that your content converts? And, more importantly, how can you make sure that your video converts enough to see a positive return on investment?

For starters, find a company who not only understands video, but also understands video marketing. There are countless production companies law firms can work with to create a video, but few that can create a high-performing one. By learning the following video marketing pitfalls, and you can avoid the deadliest “sins” of legal video marketing to create video content that drives results for your law practice.

Here are the seven greatest sins of legal video marketing:

Sin #1: Basing Decisions on Cost – NOT Value

legal video marketing cost vs. value

A video marketing investment is exactly that: an investment. Unfortunately, too many law firms base their video marketing decisions on cost rather than results.

Did you buy the cheapest car on the market? Probably not. Do you want to eat the cheapest steak you can find? No. Why? Because there’s a balancing act at play between cost and quality, and the cheapest alternative doesn’t always deliver the best results.

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Imagine if you could spend $100 and get $105 back every time. Would you? Absolutely. Now, imagine if you could spend $1,000 and get $1,500 in return. Which would you choose? The latter costs more but provides more value for your initial investment. By viewing your video options through this lens, you will make superior business decisions based on the value that they bring your practice.

Sin #2: Choosing Quantity Over Quality

The gibson firm

Many times it’s not what you sell, it’s how you sell it. If your goal is to attract high-value cases and high-quality clients, why would you expect them to hire you based on a low-quality video? Quality brands attract quality clients, and your video content needs to reinforce the power and prestige of your practice in order to convert quality cases.

Let’s use one of the world’s top marketers and a past client of ours, Red Bull, as an example. Their product isn’t much different than their competitors’. It contains the same amount of caffeine and is more expensive per ounce than their direct competition – yet they dominate the energy drink market with 43% market share. How? Brand perception.

Red Bull knows the power of a brand’s image, and they created a brand that people want to be a part of.

You can (and should) take the same approach with your legal video content. Create high-quality, engaging videos that establish your brand as a premier practice, and you’ll reap the benefits from your content for years to come. Conversely, if you create cheap, undifferentiated video content, you’ll blend in with the thousands of other attorneys who are doing the exact same thing.

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Sin #3: Focusing on Services Instead of Benefits

Clients don’t care about the technicalities of what you do or how you do it, they care about how you improve their life. The above video is the perfect embodiment of this idea.

If you’re a personal injury attorney you don’t provide a lawsuit, you provide a route to a better life. Tailor your content to reflect this, and you will create video content that drives viewers to engage with and hire your firm.

Sin #4: Forgetting About Implementation

seo legal video marketing

Creating a legal video is one thing; creating a video that drives results is entirely another. Low-cost video providers film video, but do they have the video marketing expertise to drive views and conversions to your content? Many video companies only offer production, and you want to avoid working with a firm who takes the “film it and forget it” approach.

Creating a video is great, but it isn’t enough. In fact, it’s just the beginning of the marketing process. If you partner with a premium video firm who can not only create your content but also provide expert insight into the tools and strategies you can use to make it drive results for your practice, you’ll see a more tangible ROI.

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Sin #5: Basing Content on Assumptions – NOT Data

legal video marketing analytics

Effective video marketing strategies are based on data-driven approaches as opposed to gut feelings and guesswork. For FAQ and educational video content, strategic legal video companies base video topics on client-tailored keyword research, localized search volumes, and data.

With this approach, you’ll know the exact monthly search volume for each topic that you target before producing the video. This ensures that you’re not just creating content for the sake of content. Instead, you’re building a targeted video marketing strategy that’s both predictable and effective.

Sin #6: Forgetting About Emotion

Neil Tyra

The art of marketing is the art of driving connections. People are emotional beings, and prospective clients are dealing with an emotional issue (a divorce, personal injury, criminal charges, etc.) when they call you. In order to put their faith in your firm, they have to trust that you can return their life to normal. Cue your brand video.

There are thousands of attorney videos out there that say the same thing, in the same way, with the same standard look.

Be different. Cold facts and numbers don’t inspire connections; stories do. Invite potential clients to hire your firm by showcasing your conviction toward giving them their quality of life back.

Would this video inspire you to call this firm?

Sin #7: The Dreaded Green (or Blue) Screen

How many legal videos have you seen that are just talking heads on a backdrop? Too many. How many have your clients seen? Just as many, if not more. Creating the same low-quality content that’s scattered across the internet does nothing to differentiate your practice. If you want to stand out (and you should), your video needs to prove it. Take a look at the following five screenshots:

bad legal video marketing example

low quality legal video marketing example

poor quality legal video marketing example

bad legal video marketing

low quality legal video marketing

Could you guess that these videos were created for 5 different law firms? We didn’t think so. The moral of the story: don’t create the exact same content as every other attorney. Stand out, and prospective clients will recognize you for it.

When venturing into the world of video marketing, make sure you partner with a video firm that is aligned with your goals. Ask yourself, are they invested in making a commodity product that’s easy? Or, are they committed to making you stand out with effective content that achieves your marketing goals?

Don’t take quality for granted, focus on your audience, and connect through compelling content. It’s the only way to succeed. Avoid these seven video sins, and you’ll be well on your way to achieving your firm’s goals.

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