Crisp Culture – Michael

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We asked each member of our team what Crisp Culture has meant to them. This is what Crisp Video Group President Michael Mogill, had to say:

To me, Crisp Culture is all about accountability – surrounding yourself with people who do what they say they’re going to do. It has resulted in a team that is solution-focused, values results over effort, and takes ownership of their various roles and responsibilities. As a team, we are very much focused on getting things done, while at the same time maintaining a safe, positive, and supportive environment. We’re very goal-oriented, and everyone is constantly driven to learn and improve, resulting in all of us growing together as a team — onward and upward, bigger and better than the day/week/month before. There’s also a culture of trust and transparency – we all work symbiotically after all. And, at the end of the day, everyone genuinely enjoys each others’ company.” – Michael

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