How to Calculate ROI for Video Marketing

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Preparing for video marketing can be a daunting task. Setting a budget can be stressful, and video production can be a significant investment. Here’s a process that can help you determine what results you can expect from your video marketing.

Follow the link in the description to Google Keyword Planner. Type in your target keyword to find its search volume. A good rule of thumb is to use your city paired with your industry. So if you are a personal injury lawyer in San Diego, type in San Diego personal injury lawyer. Google will tell you how many people make that search every month.

Take that number, and multiply it by .43. This number is the traffic you can expect from that keyword. Assuming you go through the other lessons on our channel, your video should have an excellent chance of a first-page ranking, and can be expected to receive 43% of the clicks.

Once on your page, a high quality video converts at 7.6%, so multiply your traffic by .076 to see how many new leads you can expect every month. Multiply that number by 12 to get your total leads for the year.

Finally, multiply that number by the monetary value of one of your clients, and you will have a good estimate of revenue you can expect from your video, which will help you in determining an appropriate budget.

How to Calculate ROI for Video Marketing

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