How to Format Videos for Instagram: Crisp Video Marketing Minute #27

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Instagram is growing larger every day, and the ability to upload videos will only grow its audience. But adding video to Instagram can be confusing, especially when it’s not recorded directly from your phone. You need to upload videos in the right format.

Here are the steps you need to take to add your videos correctly:

  1. Render out your videos in a square, 1:1 aspect ratio
  2. Second, they need to be fifteen seconds or less*
  3. Finally, they have to be encoded in h.264

You can find many applications online that will convert your video files into h.264. Check the description of this video for an example program that will work for you.

*Instagram recently released an update that extended the maximum length of their videos. You can now upload videos up to 60 seconds in length to the platform.

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