Legal Video Marketing Success Story: Dan Stockmann


There’s nothing quite like a monumental success story. Dan Stockmann’s narrative has all of the hallmarks of a great one. Dan Stockmann was a true underdog when it came to matching up against his competition. They simply had bigger everything: resources, budget, attorneys, market share, etc.

Meet Dan Stockmann – a criminal defense attorney based in Omaha, NE – and his solo firm, Nebraska Interstate Drug Defense / Stockmann Law. For Dan to penetrate his market and grow his practice he had to get creative. Let’s take a dive into his experience.

The Challenge

It’s the classic David vs. Goliath story. Stockmann had just started his own practice, but he wasn’t the only contender in town. His competition came in the form of a much larger, more established and better known law firm. His competition had more resources, more time and more manpower to devote to marketing that Dan. How was he to compete?

He knew that he needed to grow his online presence, differentiate himself and improve his search rankings to increase his firm’s visibility and ultimately bring in new (and higher quality) cases – but how was he was going to do this became the question. The answer came in the form of legal video marketing.

Dan knew that he couldn’t beat his competition on overall marketing spend. He didn’t have the budget, but he could compete by crafting a creative strategic message to highlight his unique value proposition. That’s exactly what he did.

Legal Video Marketing

After initially struggling to market himself and differentiate his practice, Dan decided to make a substantial investment in video marketing in 2015. Since that day the results for his firm have been undeniable.

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The Strategy

It wasn’t an easy decision to invest. In his own words, “Making the commitment to invest in video was pretty scary – the investment was as much or more than I was used to grossing in an entire month.”

In order to mitigate risk for his practice and craft a lasting, effective message, Dan turned to Crisp Video Group.

The strategy that Dan implemented became two-fold. It began by producing a high-quality brand video for his firm. Brand videos drive conversion by communicating the why behind a firm’s story, helping potential clients connect with an attorney and/or practice by communicating a unique value proposition. In Dan’s case, the results were immediate. In August 2015 (the first month after releasing his brand video), Stockmann netted over $50,000 in sales. According to Dan, that was “easily the best month [he’s] ever had in private practice.”


Following the success of his brand video, he began a new strategy releasing a series of high-quality FAQ and educational videos focused on data-driven topics that are based on keyword research (Pulse Video Marketing). FAQ videos help to drive qualified traffic by creating videos that capitalize on what people are searching for online, and they build brand trust by establishing firms as experts in their field.

The effect is clearly evident, “Because of my marketing, of which the brand video and Pulse are a big part, I can spend my sales calls talking with clients and their life and how this case could damage their family, job, etc. I don’t have to talk about me and what I can do for them. They already know that from watching the videos. The actual sales part of the call is done very quickly most of the time as they already have made the decision to hire,” Stockmann says.

Releasing legal video marketing content every other week on his YouTube channel, website and blog – this video marketing campaign has continued to provide a lasting positive impact on Dan’s firm.

Here is a snapshot of Nebraska Interstate Drug Defense vs. his main competitor before starting his legal video marketing campaign in 2015:

Legal Video Marketing Statistics

In two quick months following the start of his Pulse Marketing campaign with Crisp, the results were already apparent for Dan’s firm.

The Results

Discussing web metrics alone, overall sessions on his website increased 30%, time-on-site increased 47%, bounce rate decreased 7% and organic traffic increased 20%.

Digging into the true effect of the campaign on his firm’s bottom line after one year, the situation paints an entirely new picture for Dan’s practice; here is the effect that legal video marketing has had on Dan Stockmann’s firm:

Legal Video Marketing Results

According to Stockmann, “After I started my video marketing program with Crisp, my revenue from 2014 to 2015 increased 80%. I went from handling lots of small dollar cases to handling fewer cases but with a larger average case value. This gave me the ability to really devote time to my clients and provide more services to them than I was capable of doing before.”

video marketing success

Better cases, more qualified clients, and more revenue.

Not only is his firm more successful from a financial standpoint, but Dan can attribute his ability to give clients better service as yet another positive result from his legal video marketing campaign. Outside of that, his video marketing campaign has allowed him to have a better quality of life.

“I have more time to leave work early so I can catch the end of my 6 year old daughter’s dance class, I’m a much happier person and the big bonus is that I’m a much better attorney because I don’t have to worry about money and whether I am getting paid,” Stockmann states.

When it comes to discussing his investment in legal video marketing, here’s what Dan has to say, “Without a doubt, it was the right thing to do. I can’t imagine my marketing without it. It has become such an integral part of my marketing that it has become difficult to imagine what I did without it.”

The best cases go to the best marketers. We can help you get there.

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Check out what Dan had to say about his experience:


Read Dan’s full testimonial transcript below:

When a client contacts me, it’s because something bad has happened to them. They’re worried about their job, their life, their family, their freedom.

Being able to achieve a successful outcome, and seeing that expression of relief on the client’s face, that’s the most rewarding part for me.

The biggest challenge is convincing myself that I can actually achieve and grow into the type of firm that I want to be, and not what somebody else thinks I should be. It’s a constant struggle, to remember that you can do this.

Business-wise, I was flying by the seat of my pants. I had no real plan for anything, I had no business plan, I had no marketing plan. I was willing to try anything, because what I was doing wasn’t working.

I saw Crisp Video at a seminar talking about what they could do, what they can do for you, and what they can do for your business. I decided to start thinking outside the box, and try to do things differently than I’d been doing before.

I remember when I first watched my brand video, my first thought was, “Who is that?” I couldn’t comprehend that that was me and my business.

From family friends to colleagues to clients, everybody’s all raved about it; my revenues have continued to increase – it’s worked.

There’s some satisfaction knowing that you took a risk and it worked. I’m happier at work; I’m happier at home. You really do recognize that, even as a solo practice attorney, you do have people with a stake in your business, and that’s the people at home.

– Dan Stockmann, Stockmann Law

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