FEATURED: The Future of Client Acquisition for Law Firms


Understanding the future of legal client acquisition is the first step to growing your law firm. Tune into this 60-minute keynote from Avvo Lawyernomics 2017 to learn how you can leverage key changes in the legal industry to generate more revenue for your firm and land the best cases.

This keynote covers:

  • How to create, differentiate, and communicate your firm’s unique value proposition.
  • How to use storytelling to land better cases and increase new client conversions by up to 300%
  • A simple strategy to convert 70% more cases, on average, from the traffic your website already gets
  • How to turn social media into a revenue driver for your practice

To get our best guidance on defining your unique value proposition, communicating it through engaging video, and getting the most out of your law firm’s videos all in one comprehensive resource, check out The Game Changing Attorney. This is a book you’ll want to keep on your shelf to pull out every step of the way.


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