Sharing to Twitter: How to Properly Link Your Video

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Here are several quick tips and strategies to use when sharing your videos on Twitter:

Sharing Your Videos on Twitter

Like Facebook, you can natively upload videos to Twitter so they autoplay in users’ timelines.

Twitter uploading step-by-step instructions:

  1. Click the Tweet button
  2. Click Add media, choose a video file, and click Open (Note: Maximum file size is 512MB)
  3. In the Edit window, you can trim the length of your selected video (Note: Maximum video length is 2 minutes and 20 seconds)
  4. Click Done when you’re finished with your edits
  5. Click Tweet to share your video

Outside of native uploads, if your goal is driving video views through your YouTube channel, here are some quick tips for sharing YouTube links:

how to use video online

Paste links directly from YouTube into your Twitter account to ensure that video thumbnails are included in each Tweet. Do not use a social media scheduling service (Hubspot, Buffer, MeetEdgar, HootSuite, etc.) or the thumbnails may not display correctly. Also, make sure to use industry-related hashtags!

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