Twitter, Periscope and Instagram: Which One is Best?

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Some forms of social media are able to connect you with more immediacy and direct contact than other forms. While platforms such as Facebook and YouTube are great for sharing your videos and telling your followers about yourself, however they can lack direct and sustained engagement with your audience.

Applications such as Instagram, Twitter, and Periscope offer more of this direct engagement, but they each come with differing strengths and weaknesses.


twitter social media marketing tips

Twitter has been one of the fastest growing and most easily accessible and open social media platforms. It allows users to write posts of 140 characters or less. These posts can contain images, videos, or just text. Twitter allows you to remain relevant and engaged – and the format allows for frequent updates to your account without seeming heavy handed.

  • Twitter’s active user base continues to grow and is one of the largest social media markets online
  • Maintaining an active and up-to-date Twitter will keep you relevant to your clients
  • Utilizing twitter and Periscope together will achieve optimal use of the messenger app and the video app
  • Each of the other two platforms can be linked back to a twitter account.
  • Twitter allows users to post text, and images/video and can act as a central hub for your other social media networks. And linking to your other sites and posts will bolster your exposure as well.


Periscope is a video streaming application that was recently acquired by twitter. The platform allows for users to live stream footage to their followers. This footage can also be archived.

Periscope has an active user base of about 2 million people – with 10 million signed up for the service. This may be useful for attorneys who wish to engage immediately with a group of clients or jurors etc… But the user base is significantly smaller than twitter and Instagram, and the user’s interests are not typically in law.

Some things to keep in mind when using Periscope:

  • You require a twitter account to use it, so the two go hand-in-hand
  • It is a live-streaming service, so it is possible to live stream video conferences, but it lacks the nuance and quality of other established services like Skype
  • It can give you a behind-the-scenes look at conferences and meetings that you cannot attend in person.


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Instagram is a straight visual media platform. Most frequently used for pictures and short 15 second video clips, Instagram is best used if you have significant amounts of visual content or if your product works being showcased in such a format. Having an Instagram account can be very useful to your firm, but it is best used as a supplement when you have other social media accounts to use as well.

The effectiveness of each of these platforms depends on the type of media you are putting out and the size of your follower/client base. For instance, if you primarily utilize images in your marketing, Instagram may be a good starting point. If you primarily cover live events and are interested in sharing those events with your clients, then you may go the Periscope route.

instagram social media marketing tips


Utilizing these three apps for your legal practice can be tricky. I believe that of all these 3 platforms, twitter is the most versatile, accessible, and well formed of them. Many people already have a twitter account as opposed to Instagram and Twitter and it may be easier to reach out to potential clients and gain exposure with twitter.

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