Why Should an Attorney Invest in Video Marketing?

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Video marketing is not an inexpensive investment. The legal field is made up of all types of practices both large and small. Whether you’re a solo practitioner or part of a multi-partner firm, how do you know when video marketing is right for you?

First, if you are in a highly competitive area, video can help you set yourself apart from your competitors both professionally and in the search results. Video gives your firm personality and works as an introduction to new clients before they ever pick up the phone. Video will also provide a boost in the search engines when correctly implemented.

Second, if your website is generating traffic, but not converting any leads, video may be the answer. A high quality video has been shown to increase website conversion rates by 300 percent!

Finally, if your website isn’t generating traffic at all, video blogs targeting longtail keywords can get your practice in the game quickly.

Tired of Missing Out on the Best Cases?

Attorneys who produce videos with Crisp Video see an average return on investment of 300% and a 2-10X increase in their average case values.

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